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 My name is Dean Jamieson, I have lived and breathed anything mechanical for more than 30 years. I work with Colleen who goes to extremes to exceeding all expectations in management and customer services, and our highly qualified team members Eric and Gus who too are just as committed as we are. Our staff are recruited because they also share this passion and attention to detail along with many years of experience and they know their stuff.

The Bike Maintenance Shop in situated in Glendene, shares your love of the ride, whether it's your pride BMW Motorcycle, the joy of cycling, being on four wheels, skateboarding or even a scooter. We have opened our bike repair business in Waitakere, Auckland to share our joy and passion of servicing and repairing both these types of bikes and other products, so come along for the ride as we always think outside the square on any job and we don't hesitate to go the extra mile to see the smile.


    The Bike Maintenance Shop are proud sponsor's of  BMX high performance rider Brooke Compain, we support the Rainbows Children's Charity and we also occasionally organise and of course  join in on some of our Westy Wheelers Social rides. We love what we do and do what we love!



Meet the team, Eric, Dean and Gus taking time out to have a personalized chat with a customer.

and Colleen who is standing guard. :-) 

Hers's a bit about Deans involvement in the sport

BMX Racer


    Dean Jamieson first worked as a Bicycle Mechanic at Everett Cycles on Lincoln Rd in Waitakere City.  He moved on to the iconic NZ cycle manufacture Healing Industries and worked in the distribution warehouse in Auckland gaining knowledge then moving into a customer service role. 

    A few years later he ran the Bike Servicing Workshop at Auckland's largest and famous Penny Farthing Cycles shop for some 10 years.


  "Picture is of Dean training with his BMX Skyway Australian team mate Dean Yeo"


Back in the day he successfully raced in BMX for sponsors like:

Spokes 4 bikes  Kelston ( Redline ),

Healing Industries  Avondale ( HMX500's - Supermax's ), 

Skyway Recreation  Redding  CA. USA (  TA Factory Team Ride ) 

BMW  Motorsport


    Dean Jamieson moved into a job with International Motorsport NZ Parnell.

This was as a BMW race car technician / race transporter driver, he built and ran BMW 325i 2dr and 320i 4dr for Craig Baird, Brett Riley, and the late Jason Richards in the NZ Touring Car Championships.  Craig Owen and Dean were assigned to work and repair Craig Bairds BMW race car. 

Results being:    NZTCC  1st  Craig Baird  1994,1995,1996,1997


    After 4yrs of racing Dean transferred over to BMW NZ  Mt Wellington, Auckland for 9 years and worked as a registered  Rover, Land Rover, BMW Cars and Motorcycle Technician, including VPC centre, fleet maintenance, new model releases, he even helped out and rode on a few BMW Motorbike Safari rides.

    Experience BMW Motorcycles beckoned him where he continued servicing the BMW motorcycle range for 8 years at both Newmarket and later on moved to the Morningside site in Auckland.


Deans own Motorsport
    Dean Jamieson has the love of motorcycles beginning with his teen's, he rode and raced both BMX and Motorcycles which kept him very fit for both codes,  Great X training.  
    Dean has been involved in most forms of motorcycling from Beach racing, Road racing, Speedway, MX, Enduro, Hare & Hounds, 2 Man 6hr Cross Country, even some Go Karting, Dean has collected quite a few medals / trophies and sashes to match.
    A few of his achievements:           
1st    1991  Auckland  Speedway  Champ's
1st    1991  NZACU   Stock Bike   Champ's
1st    1992  Auckland  Speedway  Champ's
1st    1992  NZACU   Stock Bike   Champ's
1st    1994  AMA  MX  Int 125  Champ's  
1st    1995  AMA  MX  Vet's  Champ's
1st    1996  AMA  MX  Pro 125  Champ's
2nd   1997  AMA  MX  Vet's  Champ's
2nd   1997  NZ Masters Games  Whanganui  MX

3rd    1999  NZ Masters Games  Whanganui  MX

1st     2003  GNCC Championship

2nd   2004  GNCC Championship

3rd     2005  NZ Masters Games  Whanganui  MX

3rd    2007  NZ Masters Games  Whanganui  both CC & MX

2nd   2009  NZ Masters Games  Whanganui  both CC & MX

3rd    2010  NZ Masters Games  Dunedin  MX

2nd   2011  NZ Masters Games  Whanganui  MX

DNF  2013  NZ Masters Games  Whanganui  CC 

                    - Crash Test Dummy / the end of his race days :-(  

    2A Akatea Road, Glendene Auckland 0602

      Monday to Friday 8.00 AM - 5.30 PM

      Saturday 9.00 AM - 1.00 PM

      Sunday Closed -Gone Riding


      Phone: 09 818 5448

      Email: thebmshop@hotmail.com

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