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Shimano STEPS E-bikes

We can source a range of E-bikes using the trusted Shimano brand.


Shimano Total Electric Power System, turning mountains into molehills. Whether a city, trekking or leisure rider, you will ride further, more easily and with less effort.


Service light reset

Reading out fault codes

CU information

Clear fault codes

Reset idle actuators

Real time values

  • How do I compare price comparisons?
    Compare the componentry, brand popularity and the quality of each bike. Good e-bikes aren’t cheap, cheap e-bike aren’t good!
  • How to know the quality of the brand?
    Ask the question where the bikes are made such as Taiwan, China, Asia etc.
  • Does it matter where a bike is designed and where it’s made?
    Do not get fooled by marketing spiel – designed in NZ or assembled in NZ is purely to take the attention away from where they are manufactured.
  • How much of the bike is Shimano or Bosch componentry?
    Some e bikes state they are Shimano equipped, this could mean 1-2 parts most commonly the shifter, derailleur or cassette. These words are purely to take the attention away from the specifications, for example the Discovery e bike has Shimano motor, battery, dash, shifter, Canbus wiring, hydraulic brakes, disc’s, hub, cassette and derailleur.
  • Where is the best position for a battery and motor to be mounted?
    Mid drive is the best option as it creates a better weight distribution.
  • What is the difference if I get a puncture in a wheel with the motor in it versus mid drive motor?
    You can repair a puncture yourself with mid drive as it’s like a standard bike with quick release wheels, it’s not so easy on a motor driven wheel, it would likely require a bicycle technician to do the repair for you and the extra time for them to do this would reflect in the labour charges.
  • What questions should I ask the seller?
    Do they offer a full workshop service with qualified bicycle mechanics to carry out the repair, do they sell spare parts for the specific bike, how long has the company been trading for, what reviews do they have? If they don’t have any of the above, they have no after sales service.
  • Where can I take the bike for repair?
    If its not a known brand and the seller tells you, “you can take it to any bicycle repair shop” call at least three to check, do not simply take their word for it. You want the confidence knowing that no matter where you are in NZ and you need a repairer you can go to any bike workshop versus back to the supplier if they are the only service provider.
  • What does diagnostics do?
    Quicker workshop diagnosis on component check for fault finding. When a bike comes with software updates, this will keep the bike running at its optimum efficiency with test modes, adjustments, settings, customising, no diagnostics means you can’t improve on what you have, it takes a lot longer time for a bike mechanic to trace faults, and would reflect in the labour charges.
  • How far distance can I ride?
    Consider the riding distance before having to recharge the battery. The more assist needed the quicker the battery is used, for example a bike with wheel drive would have a range from 40 to 60klms and a mid-drive would have 100 to 185klms distance available.


You will always get that personal touch. We spend time with our customers talking about their product and service requirements before and after the bicycle repair or motorbike repair. We see to your needs above all else and with the focus only on servicing and repair, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service.


Everything we do at The Bike Maintenance Shop is to ensure customer satisfaction. Find out what our customers have to say about using our services for their bike repair and BMW motorbike repair. You will only need to read our reviews and you will know.


Huge Huge Huge !!!!! appreciation for such and incredible place with such hartical people at The Bike Maintenance Shop LTD.... I have had the utmost pleasure of having my bikes service in which these amazing people have done for me more then I could ever ask for with your amazing act of KINDNESS...


Amazing service, extremely knowledgeable people, and very friendly. I came to install a USB charger, and I'm so glad I went to see them, as they spotted and fixed a few things that would have been hazards, on a long trip I'm about to do.


Take my BMW motorcycle here for service great people down to earth and experienced...keep up the great work!!


I took my converted e bike to these guys as it was a mess, i was concerned that i would be stung for loads, they were so helpful and professional and honest! Was really relueved. Thank you! Definitely coming back.


A mom and pop business operated by passionate people who treat you like their own family. Very knowledgeable on bikes and go the extra mile to help where they can. Reasonably priced too. Can't recommend this place enough. If you have a BMW motorcycle, this is where you should be bringing it.


Just had my mountain bike serviced through Dean and Colleen and are super happy. Great price, great service and friendly people. Son is wrapped with his new t shirts too! Will definitely be the only place I will be taking my bike to now and …


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Start your commuting with electric bikes that are pedal assist.  You can solve your parking problems, cut petrol expenses and improve your fitness. They are easy to use and fun to ride, or you may need to discuss an e-bike repair where the bike is equipped with a Shimano or a Bosch motor

Electric Bikes

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