the TUFF shop


         With a background and involvement with participation as a Ex-SKYWAY Factory Team rider, If you need a SKYWAY BMX bike product we will know of it, have it or can even source it for you,  whether it's a new BMX wheel set, TA frame & fork set in 20", 24", Cruiser or Pro handle bars in chrome or classic white finish and not to forget the famous 5 spoke zytel nylon TUFF wheels, now all available with sealed bearings, in standard Tuff 2, retro rivet castle flange hubs,  cassette 9T,  50th Anniversary, and of course the top of the line Graphite Tuff wheel.  


      Skyway Recreational Product


          What ever you want Skyway Frames, Forks, Wheels, Handlebars, etc, if Skyway make it, we can get it for you...

          We can also get other BMX Bikes, Components, Parts, Protection Gear,

      here is just a few we can obtain.

      Box,  Chase,  CST,  Eclat,  Leatt,  Mirraco, Radio, Redline,  Salt,  Salt Plus, Sunday, Snafu,  Skyway,  Tioga,  United, WeThePeople.



      Old School Rebuilds



           The resurgence of Old School rides will become a great investment and also

      bring back the memories of the days and the bikes you use to ride or wanted to ride as a kid.


          We can bring your BMX bike back to life whether its a build, restore or a repair. We do a wide range of BMX restoration from  basic to complete, whether sourcing those parts, building a wheel set or 

      assembling frame and forks, we offer it all.


          Give us a call to discuss your needs.


      My Skyway Collection



      Here is part of our personal Skyway collection we have. 

        some old...

      83 TA,  88 300TA,  88 Street Beat 2,

        some new...

      2013 20" TA,  2013 24" TA

        looking for a few more models  to add to the stable and going to make a couple of 12" & 16" specials